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Auto salons of Petrozavodsk: which is better to choose

Number of car dealers nowis growing rapidly, since almost everyone needs a car. Among the many auto centers, it's hard to choose one where high-quality customers serve and provide services at the highest level. In this article, car dealerships in Petrozavodsk will be described.

car dealers Petrozavodsk


In the car showroom "X-car" can be profitable to buycars from the manufacturer of Great Wall, as the company is its official dealer. In addition, they repair and service cars. Purchase can be issued on credit. Before buying, you can use the service test drive. There is a car dealership in Petrozavodsk on Rigachina Street, 37a.

Motor show STK

This company specializes in the realization ofRenault cars. Here they are engaged in repair, maintenance and installation of additional accessories only for cars of this brand. The motor show in Petrozavodsk is located on Shuyskoye Highway 13.


This auto show is an official dealer right awaythree manufacturers - Mazda, Geely and UAZ. In addition to servicing cars, they are also involved in the repair of bodywork. For the clients' rest there is a small cafe. Location of the car dealership - Petrozavodsk, Novosulazhgorskaya, 20.


In the auto center "Astra" they sell brand carsChevrolet. Basically, they sell the Niva model from this manufacturer. Here, too, are engaged in the repair and maintenance of cars. The company's address is Shuyskoe shosse, 13.


Company "CENTER" is the official dealerof the brand Subaru. Here you can buy cars from this manufacturer at an attractive price. The company provides a huge number of services. The address is Marshal Meretskov Street, 30.


In Petrozavodsk, Mitsubishi cars are in demand. The company "AvtoPolyus" is the official dealer of this manufacturer. Autocentre is located on Shuiskoe highway, 13, in the 1-st building.

car dealerships in Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk, "Auto Center Lada"

In any city of Russia cars are very popularVAZ. Petrozavodsk in this case is no exception. "Auto Center Lada" sells cars from the domestic manufacturer at attractive prices. In addition, many other services are carried out here.

The result

In general, all the auto shows in Petrozavodsk are qualitativelyperform their services. Choose them based on what kind of car you need. The staff in all showrooms works flawlessly. The main thing before buying is to study all the information and reviews about the chosen salon, and then you definitely will not go wrong.

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