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Toyota "Verso" - a smart family man

Less and less often on our roads can be foundminivans. And the fault is that a wide variety of crossovers and SUVs. They seem to people much more practical, and at a price practically do not differ. Chinese models are even more affordable. The army of "parketniki" properly "patted" modern MPV in the struggle for the buyer, but, even though many minivans disappeared from the exhibition halls, Toyota continues to impose competition in this segment.

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Not so long ago in our market appeared the modernized version of Auris - Toyota Verso. It's strange that only the third generation got to the CIS countries. Before that, the car was only available in Europe.

What are the qualities that allowed the "Toyota Verso"win a huge number of fans among motorists? It would seem that boring and slow family cars have long gone out of fashion. And they just can not compare with the agile crossover, which is useful in the city, and they will cope with impassability. Let's try to solve all the secrets of the family "Japanese" together.

As you know, the first Verso appeared on sale in2009. This was the third generation of this car. However, before kompaktven wore the name Toyota Corolla Verso. The third generation became an independent model.

For today on sale already is "ToyotaVersion of the fourth generation, the car is a nice minivan with a modern design.In the standard "Japanese" five-seat, but optionally you can deliver a folding third row of seats.This modification will cost the owner about a thousand dollars.This option, perhaps, one of the main advantages of auto, because it is available, convenient and practical.

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But only seven-seat salon to combatcompetitors are sorely lacking. Therefore "Toyota Verso" has stored one more trump card. The front drive paired with the 1.8-liter engine provides simply incredible dynamic characteristics for the minivan.

characteristics of Toyota Verso
The engine gives out 147 "horses", which will accelerate you to a hundred in just 10 seconds! The maximum speed of the car is limited to 195 km / h.

Now we can say with confidence that Versosuitable for active driving. But the developers of Toyota do not forget that the main task of the car is the transportation of the family. Most often, this is a family with young children. Anyway, with the functions of the "family cart" our minivan copes one hundred percent. There is also a system of fastenings for children's seats, and a special mirror to monitor the children from the driver's seat. Even the refrigerator in the car is! More precisely, it's a glove box, to which cold air from the air conditioner is supplied.

So, let's briefly look at the characteristics of the Toyota Verso:

- the car is equipped with a 147-horsepower engine with a volume of 1.8 liters;

- front-wheel drive;

- Variable type of gearbox;

- fuel consumption of 8.5 l / 100 km;

- The volume of the trunk is 144 liters (with folded seats - 950 liters);

The cost of the car starts from the mark of 31 thousand dollars.

As an alternative to Toyota Verso, you can considerVW Touran or Mazda 5. German compact will cost 2 thousand dollars more expensive, and "Mazda", on the contrary - will be much cheaper. Only here is the dynamics and agility of the Toyota Verso, in either case you will not get.

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