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Vortex Tingo - owner reviews are improving

There is such a Russian proverb: "With the world on a thread - naked shirt!". European, American and Japanese car designers spent many years working out solutions that work and bring profits to automakers based on the best ideas. In our time, to accelerate the process of making successful design decisions, they invest a lot of money in their development, and that the ideas do not steal, they develop a licensing mechanism. When the Chinese company Chery started producing Tiggo cars, there was no time or money for their design, and from the "Japanese world on the thread" were bought: the body from Toyota RAV 4, the engine from Mitsubishi, something from the Honda CR-V . So there was not the worst crossover Chery Tiggo. Russian automakers with money are worse than Chinese ones, and the ability to pay to domestic designers died out in the early 20th century. Therefore, produced by the Taganrog company TagAZ, the car Vortex Tingo differs from Chery Tiggo, by and large, only a badge on the radiator and features of the Russian assembly.

Vortex Tingo Reviews

With respect to Vortex Tingo,opposite: from insulting abuse to complete admiration. Curses are usually associated with serious breakdowns and complete indifference to such breakdowns from dealers and service organizations. Moreover, faults also occur with the cars of renowned automakers, but careful attitude to their customers, readiness to correct and compensate for their own mistakes is a characteristic feature of well-known European and Japanese firms. The Chinese "autoprop", and after him and TagAZ have chosen a different strategy: to quickly improve the quality of manufactured products, and not to care about the car service. And, judging by the feedback of the owners, especially after the restyling of 2012, they succeed. With regard to the often mentioned breakdown with the leakage of engine oil due to the low-quality Vortex Tingo crankshaft seal, the reviews after 2012 do not contain such an unpleasant story. Although, it's too early to rejoice, it is necessary to wait out the winter, because it happened in great frosts.

Vortex Tingo owners reviews

With regard to engine thrust and dynamicsdispersal of Vortex Tingo, reviews of former owners of the Volga and the VAZ are full of enthusiasm, and those - who are new or "moved from the Japanese" - are expressed more modestly, but are also happy. The consumption of gasoline also pleases drivers, 8 a maximum of 10 liters per 100 km in the city, but given the fact that the car is exclusively front-wheel drive, sources of such joy are incorrect comparisons.

Regarding the suspension of Vortex Tingo, reviews alsoare positive. Moreover, the front suspension "MacPherson" - expected for such a model, and the rear - an independent "multi-lever" - is typical for cars more expensive. This suspension gives not only a good handling of obstacles, but also stability in cornering at the level of low-profile sedans. The reliability of suspension parts and their frequent failure is another matter, and, judging by the responses, it is painful.

Vortex Tingo owners reviews

In relation to the comfort and ergonomics of VortexTingo, reviews - it's solid praise with small "grumbling" on insignificant occasions. The sick theme is the closing of doors and the development of sealing gums on them. Another unpleasant topic is noise isolation, although this problem seems to be artificial, and it is suspect that Vortex Tingo owners are solid music lovers. But the quality of the assembly of cars, body slots and flaws in the processing of metal - substandard details that many owners have to eliminate manually.

Summing up the comments on Vortex Tingo, the owners' feedback is more positive than negative, and they improve with the quality of the TagAZ products.

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