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GAZ-3110 "Volga": specifications, description, photo

More than a decade has conquered Russianroads GAZ-3110 "Volga". The technical characteristics of this car can hardly be called ideal and completely meet modern requirements, but it is still the standard of the domestic car industry. Of course, the previous models were not very comfortable by today's standards, but to have the "Volga" at that time was considered a luxury. As a rule, the most important ranks of the state moved on it. And this level already speaks volumes.

Now GAZ-3110 "Volga" is inferior in many respectsparameters of modern cars, but in defense of this model, we can say that the manufacturer has tried to improve the technical characteristics as much as possible. The presence in the car of all necessary systems is a huge advantage. Drivers who prefer domestic cars will never replace the "Volga" with a beautiful and trendy foreign car.

Why is that? But everything is very simple. All cars GAZ, Volga, including as much as possible adapted to the Russian roads, inexpensive in maintenance, spare parts can be purchased at any specialized store or even on the market.

So, if you are interested in this model of the domestic manufacturer, then let's get acquainted with it more closely.

3110 Volga technical specifications

Briefly about the main

Model GAZ-3110 "Volga", technicalthe characteristics of which are described below, is a sedan that belongs to the class C. The car was produced by the automobile concern GAZ Group. The assembly of this series occurred for a time period beginning in 1996 and ending in 2005. This Volga model in Russia and some other CIS countries was used as a car for various executives, officials, high-ranking military personnel and so on. In addition, in some cases the cars were operated in a taxi service.


Modification of this car is a sedan with fourdoors. The body is frameless type in the model GAZ-3110 "Volga". The technical characteristics of the engines ensure a dynamic movement at maximum speed. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, the manufacturer was able to reduce fuel costs: previously this figure was 16 liters, now - 8-10 liters.

The body of the Volga is quite large. The length of the car reaches 4.87 m, the width will amaze any car enthusiast, as it is 1.8 m, which is a fairly large figure for the sedans category, and the height is 1.42 m. The ground clearance is 156 mm, which is relatively good for Russian roads. Due to this clearance, the GAZ-3110 "Volga" ideally passes both on asphalt roads and on dirt roads. The fuel tank in this model is designed for 55 or 70 liters. Wheel formula 4x2. The total weight of the car is about 1.8 tons.

gas 3110 volga

Interior of the car of the brand "Volga" 3110

The salon of this car accommodates five people. It is worth noting that in the back seat three adults feel comfortable enough. Due to the large dimensions in the cabin is quite spacious. Seats car trimmed with fabric material, there are headrests. The dashboard and door paneling are made of medium quality plastic.

The machine is equipped with a fairly large guard, andso the driver is clearly visible. Also on the right side of the panel is a glove box. In the cabin there is a heating system. The manufacturer in the basic configuration provides an audio system. The steering wheel has a design of five spokes.

cars gas of the Volga


Design of the car "Volga" 3110 has the formsbodies that resemble the GAZ-24 in the type of assembly. The hood and trunk are made more rounded, which gave the car the best aerodynamic characteristics. On the sides of the parallel to the window line there is a clearly defined rib. It, together with the wheel arches, gives a certain volume.

Head optics is made in rectangular form. As for the bumper, then in previous versions it was black and thin. However, after restyling, it acquired completely new forms and increased in size. The radiator grille is large enough and has a chrome finish. It is divided into two parts, in the middle there is a logo of the plant. The tail lights are made using smooth lines. In their form a drop-shaped outline is seen. The luggage compartment of this sedan can hold 500 liters.

Volga 3110 interior


So, it's time to explore the possibilities of the modelGAZ-3110 "The Volga". Technical characteristics of the suspension: on the front axle - with springs, in the rear - with springs. The steering of the machine is represented by a reducer, which was equipped with a hydraulic amplifier. Disc brakes (front) and drum (rear), drive - hydraulic. Up to a hundred car accelerates in just 11 seconds.

GAZ-3110 - rear-wheel drive, respectively, the motorand the transmission are arranged longitudinally with respect to the body. These cars were equipped with various types of engines, the vast majority of which are petrol, and only one diesel. Power units have in-line and four-cylinder layout. The engine's power ranges from 95 to 150 horsepower with volumes ranging from 2.130 to 2.500 liters. The gearbox is of a mechanical type, equipped with five speeds.

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