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Chevrolet Aveo - technical specifications and not only

If you want to buy cheap, but at the same timetime is a reliable and modern car, you should pay attention to Chevrolet Aveo. The technical characteristics of this car just fit these criteria.

The unique and modern design of the car,spacious and comfortable lounge, a pleasant sensation from trips - this attracts more and more new customers every year. After all, what kind of car, if not Aveo, can simultaneously combine not only reliability and practicality, but also a trendy design along with multifunctionality. In Chevrolet Aveo, features and abilities represent the perfect combination for city trips. After all, thanks to its compactness and maneuverability, this machine is able to move quickly even over a huge metropolis.

Chevrolet Aveo specifications

Buyers can choose one of two modificationsCheckpoint on Chevrolet Aveo: automatic or mechanic. You can also choose different types of bodies: a sedan (with four doors) and a hatchback (a five-door as well as a three-door variant is offered).

This car appeared in 2002(the original model is Daewoo Kalos). After that he was subjected to various restylings and improvements. And already in 2003 this unit began to import into Russia, after which it gained great popularity. At Chevrolet Aveo specifications, design and spaciousness at the highest level - that's what our drivers loved for it.

From the first glance you can determine that the designThe car was slightly interlocked with Daewoo Lanos. You can say that Aveo became its modernized version. Of course, the appearance of the new car far exceeds the parameters of Lanos. In addition, the developers have done everything possible and impossible, in order to provide maximum comfort to the driver and his passengers when traveling.

Chevrolet Aveo Characteristics

The driver's seat is adjustable in eightdirections. The car is equipped with power windows, climate control, as well as airbags. Behind the driver's seat is a convenient pocket for newspapers, which harmoniously fits into the overall layout of the cabin.

Do not forget the developers and about the passengers. On the rear seats there is a compact folding table with a hole for the glasses. The saloon in the new sedan is quite spacious, the driver has a large legroom. Also in the car there is an air conditioner and an MP3 player with a radio. The entire interior trim of the sedan is made entirely of high quality materials. In the Chevrolet Aveo specifications are not inferior even to the modern Volvo and Mercedes.

chevrolet aveo machine gun

This Korean sedan, in addition to low cost,still unpretentious in maintenance and repair (of course, in compliance with the rules of operation). And spare parts for it can be found in any car store at relatively low prices. In addition, the fuel consumption of the new generation Aveo is one of the lowest among all Korean cars - 5 liters per 100 kilometers of mileage.

Based on this, we can conclude that this car simply has no equal in the ratio of price to quality and reliability. Chevrolet Aveo technical specifications are at the highest level.

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