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Renault logan owners' reviews got positive.

In order to create a truly modern,quality and reliable European car for a fairly low price for European cars, Renault decided to create a new model of its line - reno logan. Immediately after the release, reno logan owners' reviews received the most flattering. The most important distinguishing feature of the car can be confidently considered the design of the car, which was created from scratch, and the unique power characteristics that the Renault automatic received from the subsidiary company Dacia. For a description of the reno logan, owner feedback is fundamental, and in this article you will learn a little about its merits and demerits.

In many ways, reno logan is the result oflong-term work of developers who created this model especially for European countries with low income of the population and bad roads along with a difficult climate. It is worth noting that in Russia the car is also produced, as in other countries, and the assembly of the car takes place at the Moscow plant Avtoframos. When creating technical and external equipment, the developers first of all paid attention to the combination of quality and price. So expect from this car of some unique qualities for such a price is not worth it, because, all at once it became known that reno logan is intended for low-income buyers.

But reno logan owners reviews for which onlypositive, surprised by its good design and excellent computer stuffing. In reno logan service now looks much more solid, so you will not find modern analogues in such a price category now. Despite the low price of the car, the main emphasis is also on the reliability of the model and its practicality.

The main characteristics of reno logan.

Engines for this vehicle are offeredtwo in different configurations. Both of them are 8-valve, and their working volume is 1.4 and 1.6 l respectively. The first engine easily gives out 75 hp, and the second even more - 100 l. from. Reno logan engines are equipped with special modern systems for the distribution of gradual fuel injection, which corresponds to the proposed European environmental standards. In addition, according to the assurances of the designers of this model, specially for Renault logos, engines were tested at lower temperatures. So reno logan reviews of owners fully confirm the excellent condition of the engines even after 10 thousand km of running.

Advantages of reno logan.

A slightly shorter hood, to facilitatemaneuvering in traffic jams, as well as a small overhang on the sides of the car, which allows the owner does not care about the damage from the curbs. Also the owners are particularly pleased with the spacious interior of the model and the availability of ABS in conjunction with airbags.

Disadvantages of Reno Logan.

But reno logan owners reviews have andNegative, associated with minor deficiencies in the design of the car. Most often complaints go to the tight steering wheel when parking mode, as well as to weak dynamics and a very rigid suspension. For fans of comfort in the cabin is clearly not enough coverage of noise insulation, and there is no indication of a minimum windshield washer liquid. Such small flaws though they add a spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey to positive reviews on the car, but have confirmation.

The price of the car is reno logan.

But, in spite of small shortcomings, the price ofThis car can pleasantly surprise with its low rate. In addition, the buyer is offered 4 basic equipment, so you can complete your car for just a little money. Versions of the car type Authentique and Expression will cost less than $ 10,000 for car owners. So in general the car was a success.

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