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"Tundra Toyota" - the design features at the height!

Truck-pickup - a cult car for residentsUSA. In America, they are divided into two subcategories: 1-2-ton and 2-3-ton trucks. And, interestingly, in the states for more than a decade the leading positions in sales of cars of this class are occupied by Japanese pick-up trucks. One of them is the rather popular in America SUV "Tundra Toyota". The characteristics of this jeep have always been, are and will certainly be on top. Most recently, the Japanese manufacturer introduced the public a new, second generation of the legendary pickup truck. So, let's look at what it really is, the Japanese-American Jeep Tundra Toyota.

Tundra Toyota specifications

External Characteristics

The design of the new car deserves the universalattention. Outside, the novelty is completely different from other crossovers and off-road vehicles of the Toyota brand. It clearly shows the truly American features that are present in every detail of the new pickup truck. American design bureau Toyota Calty was able to create a really powerful truck with a decent size. In this car, everything is very voluminous, starting from a large radiator grille, made in chrome-plated style, ending with rear-view mirrors and new wheel disks.

"Tundra Toyota": interior features

The interior of the car is more likestyle of a luxury SUV such as the Mercedes Brabus, rather than a typical farm truck, which is partly exploited in the agricultural sphere by many American farmers. So, let's take care of everything in order. The interior of the novelty is characterized by an extremely high fit, which allows the driver to see everything that occurs in front of the car. Front seats have a lot of adjustments, which is not typical for a farm truck. Throughout the perimeter of the interior, developers have placed a bunch of niches and boxes. Also worth noting the presence of many electronic systems. Depending on the chosen equipment, the buyer can get a built-in media system with acoustics and a Bluetooth wireless system, as well as a rear-view camera that provides the driver with all information about what is happening behind. Another buyer can choose a 2-zone climate system, as well as cruise control and many other "lotions".

Toyota Tundra 2013 specifications

Toyota Tundra 2013: specifications

Buyers of the new pickup are given the rightchoice of one of the three represented by the manufacturer of gasoline engines. By the way, all of them are equipped with the function of programming the exhaust system. The first six-cylinder V-unit has a power of 270 horsepower and a displacement of 4 liters. It is included in the basic configuration of the Toyota Tundra. The characteristics of the second engine have already eight cylinders, so that the car is capable of developing a capacity of 381 horsepower.

Toyota Tundra specifications 57
And closes our line of engines tooeight-cylinder engine, but already with a capacity of 401 horsepower and a working capacity of 5.7 liters. Of course, there is no question of economical consumption of fuel with such a working volume. According to the passport data, the minimum consumption of the novelty is 18 liters per 100 kilometers of run. Here are the technical characteristics of the Toyota Tundra.

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