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MTZ-82 tractor: specifications, description, price

In 1974, the tractor MTZ-82 came off the assembly line,technical characteristics of which have become a worthy response to the ever-growing demands for agricultural machinery, civil and construction machinery. To make the tractor better than its predecessors, the creators had to work hard. The main difference from the previous model was a new motor that allows the tractor to develop decent speed on different types of road surface and work with a variety of attachments. The new sheathing of the tractor gave it a more modern and respectable appearance, and the modernized cab had a productive work. Today we will consider the main technical characteristics of the tractor MTZ-82 ("Belarus") and find out what determines its popularity.

MTZ-82: specifications

general information

MTZ-82 tractor, specificationswhich we will analyze below, is in many respects identical to its predecessor - MTZ-80. Unlike the obsolete model, it has four-wheel drive and a rather modest appetite.

Both externally and technically, the model is completelycorresponds to its family, the main distinctive features of which are a semi-frame construction, different diameter of the wheels (the rear is much larger than the front wheels), and the motor located in front of the cabin.

The lineup

During the production of MTZ-82 tractor, technicalthe characteristics of which were gradually modernized, quite a few different versions appeared, each of which performs certain functions. Despite the fact that the modifications differ from each other for a number of characteristics, they are all produced under the name MTZ-82 with the addition of additional indices. Since 2000, the tractor has been manufactured under the name "Belarus-82".

MTZ-82 tractor: specifications

In addition to the basic version, the model range includes such modifications:

  1. MTZ-82.1. Technical specifications are the same, but the cabin has a larger volume.
  2. MTZ-82.1-23 / 12. It is distinguished by enlarged front wheels.
  3. MTZ-82R. Designed for rice harvesting.
  4. MTZ-82N. Adapted for work on the slopes (the seat takes a comfortable position when changing the terrain).
  5. MTZ-82K. Designed to work on steep slopes. Has automatic adjustment of the position of the skeleton. To stabilize the machine, the linkage system is equipped with additional hydraulic cylinders.
  6. MTZ-82T. Adapted for the collection of vegetables and care for them. Due to wheel gears it has an increased ground clearance.


The presence of such a number of modificationstestifies to the mass of MTZ-82 tractor. Technical characteristics of the machine are not its only trump card. A weighty argument in favor of the tractor was its low price. Thanks to the all-wheel drive system, the tractor is equally successful in dealing with difficult geographic and weather conditions. The above modifications can work with 230 kinds of additional attachments. These are stoogometateli, kopnozy, mowers, implements of special equipment and so on.

Technical characteristics of MTZ-82 tractor ("Belarus")

Engine and transmission

Depending on the year of production, they variedtechnical characteristics of MTZ-82 tractor ("Belarus"). Up until 1985, the machine was equipped with a mechanical transmission, which assumed 18/4 gears for the front and 16/4 gears for the rear wheels. Thus, it was possible to use the motor power effectively at any speed. Thanks to the hydro-controlled gearbox, the driver had the option of switching gears without turning off the clutch. This function is available for models of late years of production.

New modifications are equipped with hydraulicblocking the rear axle, which can be carried out both from the pedal, and automatically. Additional patency of the tractor makes it possible to lock the differential.

Diesel engine capacity of 80 horsepowerallows the tractor to reach a speed of 35 km / h. In addition, it allows you to aggregate the machine with all kinds of attachments and work seamlessly with a minimum of maintenance. The D-240 and D-243 engines are produced at Minsk Motor Plant. The four-stroke engine is driven by an electric starter equipped with a pre-heater. The engine starts equally well in the summer heat and severe February frosts.

The tractor has very compact dimensions: 3810/2450/1970 mm.

MTZ-82.1: technical specifications


MTZ-82 tractor, specificationswhich we are discussing today, has a separate-aggregate hydraulic system. It consists of a gear pump, hydraulic booster for attachments, position and power regulators, a distributor, and a hydraulic cylinder that controls the hitching. All this is activated from the cabin by means of levers and pedals.


Wheel formula 2x2 provides a simpletractor control. At the front wheels the suspension is semi-rigid, and at the rear - rigid. The reason for this is simple - the front wheels are responsible not only for the transmission of torque, but also for turns. During transport operations, the front axle can be switched off.

The distance between the rear wheels can bevary from 1.4 to 2.1 m. As this distance increases, the stability and patency of the apparatus increase. The front track also varies between 1.2 and 1.8 m. The agrotechnical clearance may be different, depending on the version of the tractor. In the basic version, it is 46.5 cm.

Excavator MTZ-82: specifications

Pneumatic system

It consists of a compressor andvalve-distributor. The latter performs the function of controlling differentiated brakes. Pneumatics of the tractor can be used for pumping tires, other purposes. Due to the fact that this system is not as developed and complex as the foreign analogues of the tractor, it is much easier to control.


Considering the general technical specificationsMTZ-82 tractor, it is worth mentioning about the cabin. It is noteworthy that it is not attached to the skeleton of the tractor directly. The cab is mounted on rubber shock absorbers. This reduces vibration and noise. For the same purpose, the doors of the machine are covered with a layer of soundproof material. In the cabin, you can maintain the necessary temperature conditions due to the possibility of heating and ventilation. Heating occurs due to the heat taken from the hydraulic system, and ventilation - through the opening of windows and roof.

General technical characteristics of MTZ-82 tractor

Application area

This unit can be used as a loader,bulldozer, combine harvester, transportation means and excavator. MTZ-82, the technical characteristics of which we discussed today, is a universal machine. Multifunctionality, along with low cost, explains its popularity. Far from every foreign analogue can be equipped with such a wide range of additional equipment and with the same success to cope with various tasks. To date, the MTZ-82 tractor, whose technical characteristics we reviewed above, in good condition is about 20 thousand dollars. An older, but quite reliable model can be purchased and half the price.

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