/ How does the variator box work?

How does the box-variator work?

The box-variator was replaced by automatic and standard manual. It is often confused with the type-tronic, however these are different things. What is this box?

Variator is a mechanical transmission that is able to change the gear ratio smoothly and without jerks in a certain control interval. In this case, it changes automatically or manually.

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The variator is used in those devices thatrequire changing the infinitely variable ratio. It can be motorcycles, cars, snowmobiles, scooters, agitators, metal-cutting machines, conveyors, etc. In stationary devices, an adjustable electric drive is usually used.

The simplest kind of variator

Take two cylinders (for example, two simplepencil) and put them a short distance from each other. Pull them with an elastic band and start twisting one of them. You may notice that another pencil starts to spin at the same speed. But if the cylinders are of different diameters, then the picture will be completely different. One will spin more slowly and the other faster. The box-variator is arranged on this principle. Only here the diameter of these "cylinders" is constantly changing.

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Belt in the variator

Of course, a belt made of rubber or fabric is notwould have served a couple of hundred kilometers in such a box. Belts in variators have a very complex structure. Usually a metal tape set is used - coated or simply a set of trapezoidal plates, the edges of which are in contact with the pulleys. Also, as a belt in the variator can act and a plate wide chain of steel, contiguous edges with cones. It is such a chain installed in some Audi cars.

For lubrication a special liquid is used, changingthe phase state under rather strong pressure (it arises in a place of contact of a belt with a pulley). For this reason, the chain transmits a significant force without slipping.

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How the box-variator will change the numberthe speed of transfer depends on the control program. If, at acceleration on an ordinary car, we spin the engine at each speed, and then we move on to the next one, then when the car is accelerated with a variator, the motor runs at the same speed. The ratio of the gear changes smoothly.

Many now know how the automatic box works. But riding a car with a variator is slightly different. First of all, it creates an unusual feeling. When overclocking, the car engine goes to high speed and stays on them for a set speed, howling like a vacuum cleaner. But at the same time, the rate of acceleration increases, since time is not spent on switching stages. This is an advantage that the box-variator has.

Box-CVT: reviews

Pros: light weight, work at maximum speed without any jerks, fuel economy, a great resource with proper maintenance, comfort (as there are no gears), there is no loss in dynamics, fast driving is possible.

Cons: expensive repairs and maintenance, a small resource with improper maintenance or in its absence, and this resource is less than that of automatic boxes.

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