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Ford Transit Connect for commercial use

Ford Transit Connect, which is popularly called"Heel", can cope with any weather and road conditions. The cargo space is increased and allows almost any cargo to be transported without problems. In the new version of 2012, it became possible to accommodate a large cargo due to the distance between the wheel arches, which was slightly increased.

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The creators of the Ford Transit Connect car inFirst of all they tried to ensure high safety of passengers. The body of this machine was developed with the use of special computer modeling, it optimally combines a rigid framework and zones deformed by impact.

High-strength steel beams that are locatedinside the doors, provide excellent safety when colliding from the side, and the transverse beam, which is located behind the front bumper, will absorb the impact energy and ensure the safety of passengers and the driver.

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In the base configuration Ford Transit Connectis equipped with a driver's airbag, belts that are adjustable in height, ABS with electrical distribution system, a special design of the front seats, which prevents diving under the belt on impact, headrests, height-adjustable, passenger airbag and Traction Assist system complete with a gasoline engine.

Ford Transit Connect, reviews about which are mostly positive in nature, are available in two trim levels - SWB and LWB.

Cars SWB have a short wheelbase andCreated on the basis of a platform that was specifically designed for commercial vehicles. Its load-carrying capacity is the best in its class. Ford Transit Connect in the bundle SWB can carry up to 825 kilograms of cargo. Also there are modifications with a rear flap.

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Ford Transit Connect with LWBa long wheelbase. These cars are equipped with a high roof, which facilitates the loading process. The maximum possible payload is nine hundred kilograms, and the maximum length is 2,714 meters. Despite the length, for maneuverability Ford Transit Connect is not inferior version SWB. The rear double doors open at ninety or one hundred seventy-two degrees. As an option, you can order side sliding doors.

The interior of the Ford Transit Connect is differentfunctionality and ergonomics. The driver's seat has six adjustments (or four for the SWB version). The position of the chair is adjusted so that the driver is provided with a good view.

The steering wheel can be adjusted in two planes. Large side mirrors and a large windshield provide a good viewing area. Some items may be available only for an additional payment.

Ford Transit Connect is designed incompliance with the most stringent requirements that are imposed on commercial vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to a ton. Reliability and highest durability are the advantages of this car.

Some side panels are double, and the walls are reinforced with additional cruciform beams. This protects the body from damage that can be caused by the load carried.

Behind the front bumper beam (steel) is stillone, transverse, made of boron steel. This material is four times stronger than a simple metal. These features of the car ensure its reliability and durability, as well as low operating costs.

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