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Hyundai Sonata 5 generation

In the domestic market, the Hyundai carSonata is one of the most popular foreign cars in its class. Thanks to its excellent high-speed characteristics and comfortable interior, it quickly conquered the world market. Since 2002, the Korean concern has been producing a Hyundai Sonata of the 5th generation. In 2005, production was curtailed. But in Russia the car continued to be produced. It is produced now, at the Taganrog TagAZ, so everyone can buy this car without customs duties and customs clearance. And today's review we will devote to this particular sedan, which does not lose its popularity even in our time.

hendai sonata


The exterior of the sedan was produced by motoristsdouble impression. On the one hand, unusual shapes and body lines give the car an aristocratic look. But on the other hand, in the design of the novelty you can easily see the features of many famous European models. From the front, the Hyundai Sonata car is decorated with double headlights of the main light, between which is a spectacular radiator grille. The shock bumper has aerodynamic forms that are particularly noticeable on the sides, where there are small spoilers with integrated fog lights. Behind the car does not have any fascinating details, but on the side the car is decorated with wide protective moldings. By the way, in addition to the decorative function, they also protect the vehicle from minor bumps and scratches, which is especially important for large cities and megacities. Agree, it's cheaper to buy a piece of new molding, rather than buying the door completely.

And what's inside?

Salon cars Hyundai Sonata in 2013 recallsthe interior of a conventional city car of the early 2000s - multiple comfort functions coexist with tawdry finish materials. The 4-spoke steering wheel has height adjustment, and, by the way, it can be leather trimmed at the request of the customer. The instrument panel is clean and laconic, with no extra "bells and whistles." The torpedo looks a little outdated, and because of the bad materials, the finish has to take care of the salon very carefully, because when exposed to the slightest blow, the surface of the plastic made "under the tree" begins to scratch, and in the worst case bursts.

hendai sonata 2013


The buyer has to make a choice between twogasoline units. It can be a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 137 "horses". The working volume of such an engine is 1999 cubic centimeters. You can also choose a six-cylinder unit. It at a volume of 2700 cubic centimeters develops a power of 172 horsepower. Both engines are supplied with a 4-band "automatic" or "mechanics" in 5 stages. Thanks to such powerful engines, the car is able to score a hundred in less than 10 seconds, and the peak speed is about two hundred kilometers per hour.

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The initial price for the Hyundai Sonata sedan assembledat TagAZ, is about 560 thousand rubles. The most expensive modification with a 172-horsepower engine and automatic transmission will cost customers 745 thousand rubles.

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