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Renault Daster: specifications and parameters

Presentation of the new crossover "Renault Daster"was held in Geneva in 2009. The car was the first development of the Renault concern in the class of off-road cars. However, with impressive data characterizing the car as an all-terrain vehicle, "Duster" still looked like a family car. Therefore, he confidently occupied his niche in the cluster of universal representatives of the middle class. A moderate price contributed to this. Also, the buyers were attracted by the ideal maneuverability of the machine.


Technical specifications of Renault carsDaster "is quite high, the popular Renault Logan served as the base platform for the crossover.The full system drive was provided by the Japanese Nissan.This is why the Duster has such a high cross-country capability.The car is compact, with a spacious interior, comfortable ergonomic seats and high-quality velor upholstery. in the cabin is maintained at the level of world standards, all the windows with electric drive, layer air conditioning, a powerful audio system quad.

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Renault Daster, specificationswhich are not high-speed, ideal for family trips over long distances. Although on the highway the car can quite develop a decent cruising speed and maintain it for a long time. To drive the car in high-speed mode, you need to evenly distribute the cargo in the trunk and on the roof, then the Renault Daster (technical specifications allow it) can reach 120 kilometers per hour.

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The engine at "Daster" four-cylinder,capacity of 102 liters. With., Works in a constant economic mode, spending gasoline in the limits of 9,5 liters in a city and 6,5 liters on a country highway. "Renault Daster", the technical characteristics of which are more oriented to the movement over rough terrain, equipped with full-time gearbox mechanical. However, in 2013, the car began to install a two-liter petrol engine with a box-machine. Progress does not stand still and in the near future on the Renault Daster, (the technical characteristics of the car in all other areas will remain unchanged), a diesel engine will be installed.

Renault Daster Crossover

Production and prices

On the Russian market SUV "Daster"It is supplied in the form of aggregates and assemblies for assembly at the Russian plant AvtoFramos. This enterprise has been under the patronage of the Moscow government since 1998 and it occupies the production capacities of the former OAO Moskvich. The Renault Daster model, the technical characteristics of which allow us to make constructive changes, gradually acquire all sorts of improvements in the assembly process, thanks to innovations, the consumer demand for crossover is increasing. All changes are coordinated with the French side, representatives of the concern "Renault" are informed, their opinion is necessarily taken into account. For the Renault Daster, specifications, price, service scheme, retail sales and some other indicators are taken in the averaged, "floating" version. A flexible pricing policy, for example, allows you to determine the cost of a car in a fairly wide range, from 450 thousand rubles to 720 thousand. Crossover in the standard version is 600 thousand rubles, in the improved - a little more expensive.

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