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Hyundai Getz reviews, specifications and review of the car

The first 5-door Korean hatchback "Hyundai Goetz"was presented in 2002 at the auto show in Geneva. At the premiere the manufacturer described it as a new, economical and safe city car with a stylish design and interior. Well, let's look at how successful this model turned out.

"Hyundai Goetz" - photo and review of the design
reviews хендай гетц

The design of the hatchback is modest andkindness. His smiling silhouette makes Hyundai Getz one of the brightest and stylish cars of its class. And even now, despite the fact that it was developed more than 10 years ago, this hatchback can not be called out-of-date. By the way, in some ways his body resembles a minivan, - note the reviews. "Hyundai Goetz" really was an extraordinary car. Combined with a 1.5-meter roof, large mirrors and a high windshield, it clearly looked like a compact minivan. But is it so inside?

Reviews ("Hyundai Goetz") about the interior

It should be noted that this hatchback by virtue of itsthoughtful and ergonomic interior can turn even the longest train into real pleasure. Inside the "kid" also has a lot of interesting things - note the reviews. "Hyundai Goetz" was equipped with all sorts of shelves, glove boxes, pockets in the front seats and even a case for storing sunglasses. In general, the "baby" salon is one of the most functional.

hendai gets new
By convenience, he can make a seriouscompetition even the most famous minivans. The quality of the salon assembly is, as always, among the Koreans at the highest level. By the way, in spite of its compact dimensions, there was a lot of free space in the cabin - note the reviews. "Hyundai Goetz" thanks to its even roof, which made it convenient to place even the highest basketball player, and the thoughtful arrangement of rows of seats made it convenient to accommodate everyone who sat on the front or back row of seats.


The car is equipped with three petrolengines. Among them, the younger is a 1.1-liter motor with a power of only 62 horsepower. Of course, it was impossible to call this car dynamic and especially quick. For genuine speed lovers, the manufacturer has prepared two units with a volume of 1.3 and 1.6 liters and a capacity of 82 and 105 horsepower respectively. As transmissions there is a five-step "mechanics" and a 4-band "automatic". Most of all, of course, an automatic checkpoint was valued - its motorists were called irreplaceable in traffic jams.

hetai getz photo

Concerning the safety indicators of Hyundai Goetz,The new hatchbacks were equipped with several cushions, 3-point belts and protective steel beams on the doors, which protected the passengers and the driver from sudden side collisions. By the way, Hyundai Goetz was one of the few cars that in the 2000s was equipped with 2 cushions with multi-phase operation in the basic configuration.

reviews хендай гетц

Optionally, the buyer could choose the mass of devices. This is heated seats, and the TRC system, ABS, air conditioning, and a lot of other "lotions" and "bells and whistles."

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