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GAZ 2410 - the legend of the Soviet automobile industry

During the Soviet Union, Volga cars always hadthe status of a prestigious vehicle, they increased the social status of their owners. "Volga" was one of the most luxurious cars of that era. They were always difficult to acquire, because they were on the market in a limited edition.

The serial production of GAZ 2410 began in 1970year, but in 1966 two prototypes of the new "Volga" were collected. And in 1967, Autoexport announced the production of the GAZ 2410 model, as a result of the sharp drop in sales of the 21st Volga, and the release of the new one was dragged on for three years.

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To all generations of Volga carsSerious demands were made: the car should be beautiful, modern for a long time, comfortable, durable, and have high cross-country capability.

Machines GAZ 2410 became the basis of all vehicle fleets of state institutions, including power departments (MIA, KGB). Models with a body type "station wagon" were used as ambulances.

GAZ 2410: specifications

Designers of "Volga" provided four typespower units for various applications of cars. To work in a taxi, a new 2.5-liter engine was developed based on the GAZ 21 engine - an aluminum "four". For the basic version - three-liter V-shaped six-cylinder unit. For special services and law enforcement agencies - eight-cylinder V-shaped with a volume of 5.53 liters. For export sales, a diesel four-cylinder was developed.

gas 2410 specifications

However, the oil crisis of the early seventiesmade his adjustments in the plans of designers. So, the basic version of the power unit V6 (3 liters, 136 hp) was never released in production. The rest of the engines were implemented to some extent.

For the foreign market, advertisingrollers, which focus on the solid dimensions of the GAZ 2410, spacious and ascetic salon, the simplicity of design, radios with FM-band, paint for metallic.

Since the year 1072, the first cars have come off the assembly linewith a body type "station wagon", with three rows of seats and a body transformation system. This model becomes exclusively departmental, but it immediately fell in love with ordinary people and received the nickname "a summerman's dream." Such cars for a large blat could possibly be obtained in private hands after being written off from state fleets or by personal order of "party bonz". For example, in this way, the famous actor, clown Yuri Nikulin, got his car. His need for such a car, he explained the need for transportation of circus equipment.

Volga gas 2410

Volga GAZ 2410 in the cinema

The most famous role of this car becameepisodes from the movie "Petrovka, 38". It was a classic detective of the time with spectacular pursuits. "Volga" was filmed in a series of exciting chases with "razvorochennymi" cars, with jumps and broken windows.

The second most important role can be called a film"Love affair at work". This film reflects the Soviet reality of those years, namely, the attitude towards a car of a class that can be compared with a small apartment. In general, a dream on wheels.

In 1982, designers completely modernized the "twenty-four", and a new model GAZ 3102 was introduced to motorists.

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