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"Volga" 31029 - a small flagship with big problems

"Volga" Gas-31029 - the first model, which was launched at the Gorky Automobile Plant after the collapse of the USSR.

Volga 31029 tuning
Work on the project was started at dawnperestroika, some of the nodes were tested at GAZ-2410. As the main sample for the new model was taken GAZ-3102, and the car was made in accordance with the trends of auto design of those years.

The release of the new car began in 1992. "Volga" -31029 kept high demand, despite the constant rise in prices and the unstable political and economic situation in the country. However, this demand was maintained largely due to the established stereotypes of the prestigious car, while the quality of the product itself dropped significantly. The quality of units and aggregates, and anti-corrosion treatment deteriorated. In parallel with this, foreign cars began to appear on the roads of the country, compared to which the Volga -31029 could no longer compete. In this regard, the course was taken to develop a more modern model that meets modern requirements, in particular, the GAZ-3110.

Volga 31029
Now we can safely say that in comparison withGAZ-3102 "Volga" -31029 was a step back, and not vice versa, as planned. The car was much more in common with the models 24 and 21 than with the already mentioned 3102. Progress did not affect not only the chassis, but also the engine - here power units were still used since the time of the "twenty-first" model. However, it was at the "twenty-ninth" in 1996, tested a new injector engine ZMZ-406 and modern disc brakes Lucas. In the same year, the production of the car was stopped, and all the new units that successfully passed the tests were already installed on the GAZ-3110 and Gazelle.

The only point that can bean asset to the designers of the Volga car -31029, - the tuning of the transmission, namely the introduction of the rear axle and the new gearbox. It had a fifth gear, which allowed to reduce the level of fuel consumption by 10%.

Volga gas 31029
For a car that has a reputation in the people"Gluttonous", this is a very good indicator. However, there were some shortcomings, the new box was not only economical, but also increased noise level, as well as difficulties with shifting gears.

As for the salon, "Volga" -31029 and here is notdiffered something extraordinary in comparison with the predecessor of the "twenty-fourth" model. Except for trifles, it was still the same interior with the same height-adjustable tools with the help of the instrument, an opening window, etc. Insignificant updates touched on individual elements of optics and electrical equipment.

As a summary, the image of the car "Volga" -31029 can beto call it very controversial. The changes that came with the beginning of the 1990s in the form of a drop in the quality of aggregates and anti-corrosion coating did not add a popularity model. We can say that it was this car that became an intermediate link between transport for high-ranking state officials to a car for the people. Some took this step positively, the bulk of the car did not really like it, which was what caused such a short time of production.

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