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Hyundai-Getz: specifications and description of the car

Everybody knows such a machine as Hyundai-Getz. Specifications of this car deserve special attention. However, before you start to consider this vehicle, you should talk in general about the company and the brand.

Hyundai Goetz - technical specifications

"Hyundai-Getz" - this is the first car producedin Korea, which began to acquire not because it is cheaper than its European "classmates", but because it is really good. He likes many motorists on their own. In 2002, the first compact model of this machine was introduced, which was aimed at European buyers. The price of the new "Hyundai-Getz", its availability and reliability - that's what conquered the buyers.

"Hyundai-Getz" is an absolutely urbancar. Its main advantages are functionality, as well as economy and, undoubtedly, elegant design. This is the whole Hyundai-Goetz. The technical characteristics of this car are also pleasantly amazing - minimal fuel consumption, comfortable spacious interior, maneuverability, excellent stylish appearance, stunning dynamics and excellent level of reliability and safety. You can safely say that such a machine was created for the city. It embodies many opportunities. Smooth and, at the same time, precise gear shifting - this adds unquestionable confidence in the city's dynamic flow.

Hyundai Getz - Features

I want to note that the machine is endowed with a richthe basic equipment that fully justifies the name given to it, which translates as "get more than you expected." There are various complete sets of a new five-door auto "Hyundai-Getz". The technical characteristics of each are distinguished by a high level. For example, 1.4 AT GL Classic. Automatic transmission, 95 hp A great choice for drivers who appreciate a comfortable ride without rushing. Or 1.6. AT GL Active is an excellent option for people who love speed. We can say that it was for them to create "Hyundai-Goetz." The technical characteristics are as follows: a powerful engine for this type of machine in 106 liters. with., automatic gearbox, plus a stylish new design and affordable price (the new generation cars are sold for about $ 20,000) - that's why this car is so popular and bought by many car enthusiasts.

In order to achieve maximum stability,manufacturers have embodied in the car an excellent combination of rear shock absorbers with hydraulic racks. It should be noted that while ensuring the absolute stability of the machine on any irregularities that may occur on the road. With them, such a car, as the Hyundai-Getz, is doing very well.

The price of the new Hyundai Getz

The characteristics of this machine are striking, howeverdesign captures no less. The modern smooth lines of this car, just like its headlights, which differ in their original form, and the radiator grille will please the fans of originality, in which there is no surplus. In developing the design for this vehicle, the specialists adhered to the principle of so-called "system design". Each element of this car seems to express a general idea. It is worth noting that as a result of long developments, the car received a very spacious cabin and a superbly thought-out interior.

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