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Hernia on the wheel - can I ride? Repair of hernia on the wheel

Many car owners do not drive very carefullyon the roads. Roads are not always good. Sometimes such a ride can lead to different deformations of the cord in the car tire. After this, the so-called hernia will perform on the lateral part. Many are wondering if it is possible to ride with a hernia on the wheel. And if you can not, then how to repair the tire and whether it is worth repairing.

Even if the rubber has high strength, ithas a certain resource. If the tires have seen enough, it is not recommended to go to them on bad asphalt at high speeds. This may sooner or later lead to sad consequences. The consequences of these can also be unpredictable, and especially when problems appear with the front axle of the car.


At the earliest stage of its development, this problem is hidden and long remains invisible and invisible to the eye.

a hernia on a wheel it is possible to go

But sometimes it is felt. The fact that there is a defect, can indicate a rhythmic vibration and rocking the body at low speeds. If there are such symptoms, then it is recommended to raise the car and turn the wheel by hand. This method will help visually see the defects.

When and why the hernia is formed

Inflating the sides of the tire can occurdue to the rupture of synthetic filaments that protrude one of the layers of the tire. Rubber, in turn, if it has not torn, under pressure has the property of stretching. Air searches for exit weak points.

Long to think about why there was a hernia onwheel, what to do in this difficult situation, is not worth it. This is a weak spot in the tire, and it has already shown itself. Now it is necessary to solve this problem as quickly as possible, otherwise new problems of the same nature will begin to be formed. Yes, and a hernia (or a bump, you can call it anything) is not always stable. It can increase, and the intensity of its growth is completely different. More often the defect grows at a very high rate.

Typical reasons for the formation of tires on tires

Among the most popular reasons for the occurrence of this annoying problem, one can distinguish a ride on road pits. Also, the hernia will grow if the driver unsuccessfully parked close to the edge of the curb.

In fact, the tire is exposed to a largemass of the car at high speeds falls on the obstacle. The angle immediately cuts into the surface of the ramp. If the rubber is not torn at once, but withstands such executions, then the cord will necessarily break.

Less common is the initial marriage of tires due to a violation of manufacturing technology in the enterprise. Sometimes tires can be cut. In the event of an accident with strong shocks also possible such a nuisance.

It happens that the tire is partially washed on the side surface.

repair of hernia on the wheel

The blame for this can serve, again, a sharp blow. And if the load is large, then the lateral surface literally rubs against a hard object, which acts as an abrasive.

We should not rule out completely innocuous situations,When the owner does not maintain the required level of pressure in the tire. Often rubber with lower pressure is maximally vulnerable to this trouble. As can be seen, the reasons can be completely different, but the result is always the same.

Hernia on the wheel - can I ride

Experts do not recommend a long ride with hernias of any size on the wheels. And if at low speed this will not lead to sad consequences, then when driving on high it is dangerous.

The most common and popularwheel-rubber problems - these are different sizes of bloating on the front wheels. Before you begin repairing the hernia on the wheel, it is worthwhile to know that the most problematic bulges are small formations from 10 to 20 mm.

Beats that inevitably arise in thissituation, as well as unbalanced wheels can even lead to an accident. The most negative situation can happen if the wheel is installed on the front axle. The car, which has burst at least one front wheel, uncontrollable.

The driver can feel these beats even throughsteering wheel. In addition to dangerous situations, riding with a so-called hernia for a long period of time will lead to premature and accelerated wear of the hub bearings and loosening of the suspension.

When the car is in motion, the rubber heats up.

how to remove a hernia from the wheel

This can lead to overheating, which means that ifalready there is a small hernia on the wheel, then after that it will start to grow. If you try to press the brakes in this situation, the result will lead to the rupture of the tire in its weak place. To the same can lead and hit the hole even at a low speed.

Actions to be taken

Very good, when the car owner is responsible andalways has a ready-to-use spare. In the event that the hernia on the wheel has got out, it is recommended to replace it immediately. If there is a void in the trunk instead of a spare, then the bumps must be removed to the rear axle. The movement can continue, but you need to stop periodically and check the condition of the damage.

In addition, it is not always possible to correct this trouble.

small hernia on the wheel

This can be judged only by specialists in a tire fitting workshop, while the decision is made on an individual basis.

So, if there was a hernia on the wheel, canTo go? Allowed, but very carefully and not for long. If the car is loaded to the eye, it is recommended to reduce weight. Passengers can always be transferred to a bus or minibus.

Technologies of repair and restoration

If the damage is small, then you canuse internal patches. But this is relevant only for expensive stingrays. Naturally, this procedure does not give the maximum guarantee, but here the service life of the wheel can be increased in this way.

Any recovery of tires, and even more repairshernia on the wheel, begins with a surface cleaning, and then it is degreased. After this, it is necessary to apply a vulcanizing composition that contains raw rubber. Next, the chandelier is installed, and then all of this is vulcanized.

The given action will allow to make the damaged place a little bit more strongly, however the damaged threads, alas, will not be restored. Strength characteristics do not reach those that were before the hernia.

hernia on the wheel what to do

Even the most effective way of removing the hernia from the wheel is just a temporary solution.

In some cases, you can mount a camera into the bus. But this also does not give the necessary maximum strength to the wheel. After each option, you should perform the balancing.

Prevention of education

In order not to think how to remove a hernia from the wheel, it is necessary to think in advance about the fact that this problem takes place in the life of a motorist. Everyone knows that the modern market offers a variety of products.

ride with a hernia on the wheel

Some of them have higher reliability andresistance to all kinds of damage. Others can burst literally from the slightest load. In order not to face these and other "rubber" problems, experts recommend choosing the right tire.

Right choice

Among all products that have a maximumresistance to deformation, it is necessary to find those in which the mass of the load is maximally increased. Making a choice of tires for the car, it is worth paying attention to the load index in the documentation.

the hernia on the wheel has got out

The higher it is, the less likely it is that the hernia will come offon the wheel. Is it possible to ride on such rubber on pits? It's not worth it. The most common marking for this type of car tire is XL. Reliability will be costly, but the price fully pays off with a long service life.

If purchased rubber, second-hand,then the first thing to pay attention to is deformation and cones, and only then - on the overall condition of the tire. If it is not pumped up, it is almost impossible to see the bump. And yet - any problems with the car arise only from a quick and careless ride.

So, if there was a hernia on the wheel, can I go? From all it follows that you can, but not for long and carefully.

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