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Daewoo nexia - reviews are important!

That there is a new version of Daewoo Nexia, alreadylong gone are not just rumors - they are confirmed by millions of photos, which are shared not only by correspondents of any publications, but by the admirers of the car. In addition, they are backed by serious disputes about what kind of car is still better: Kalina, Logan or Nexia. This is an age-old question, in which we will try once again to understand.

In Uzbekistan there is a plant for the production ofmodel, which is called Uz-Daewoo. A lot of words are written about Daewoo Nexia. Reviews about the car, which are found everywhere, only confirm the interest in the car.

At that time, as LADA only released the "top ten"the Nexia already had a power steering, air conditioning and airbags. But despite this, Daewoo Nexia was even 20 thousand cheaper, although it was a foreign-made car, which is so appreciated in our country. The time has come when the VAZs were equipped with all these "accessories", but Nexia became even richer, let's see how much.

$ 10 million was spent on upgrading the N100 to the N150. They touched absolutely all the details, from the engine to the tires in the base kit.

Appearance has changed not so much that it is cardinal, but nevertheless it is worth reading about Daewoo Nexia reviews. Front of the car received a slightly different grilleradiator, headlights and bumper - that is, the front end became completely different. The headlights received diffusers in the form of reflectors, as well as transparent glasses and spotlights. In the bumper are mounted duplicating "fog lights".

Back, as it is strange for the Koreanmanufacturer, does not cause absolutely no association with any famous car. The bumper, lanterns, trunk lid, on which the registration number is now placed, has changed. I must say, face-lifting is a success, the car has become more attractive, but to call it modern and stylish is an obvious search.

Inside, the first attention is drawn to morequality materials, although, in this price segment is an unimportant factor. The central console housed a regular two-radio recorder, which became a little more stylish, but the trouble is - it also began to interfere with the gear shift. The dashboard has an updated design, it has become more pleasant, and ergonomics, in general, has risen to a higher level. All buttons work properly, the heater is decent, by the way, it was also revised a little. Owners of the N100 often complained that in their car, after a couple of thousand runs began to appear "crickets", the N150 is not observed. All this is thanks to a new technology for the production of interior details - injection molding under pressure.

The problem with the seats is still not solved, andThis, most likely, will not happen, since it's the size of the Daewoo Nexia itself. The reviews perfectly reflect all these nuances. It consists in the limited longitudinal adjustment - if fully "rolled back", then this will create a very uncomfortable situation for the back of the seated.

On the road, Nexia showed itself quite well, but the level of noise insulation is not at all pleasing, although another level requires a lot of money.

The engine range, in addition to the previous two(8-valve 75, 16-valve 85 horses), replenished with a motor whose volume is 1.6 liters. It produces 105 horsepower and has good dynamics, although it corresponds to the standard Euro-3. The suspension works very well with its duties, only in the corners there are decent rolls. Then I remember the price of Daewoo Nexia. Reviews, our everything. The steering is quite sensitive, somewhat taut. This feeling allows a little more control of the front wheels. In principle, N105 does not exceed the N100 by its performance, although in other details it is somewhat better than its predecessor. Daewoo Nexia, whose reviews say one thing - the car is not bad, can take its rightful place in any garage!

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