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"Toyota Crown" (Toyota Crown): description, specifications and reviews

"Toyota Crown" is a car thatis issued by the famous Japanese concern. The company managed to turn the model into a full-fledged line of full-size sedans. And not ordinary, but luxury. Initially, cars were sold at home and in some Asian countries. As a matter of fact, "Toyota Crown" was developed specifically for exploitation in these states. And it was used mainly as a taxi. Well, we should talk more about this model.

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About the history

After the model began to acquirepopularity and popularity, it began to be exported to other countries. For example, in the USA. There in recent years the sales model has become especially purchased. And that's how it was used as a taxi in America. By the way, "Toyota Crown" was sold in the US for quite a long time: from the end of 1950 to 1971. This is the oldest model of the sedan, which is still coming out. It is considered the most popular Japanese car after such cars as Century, Celsior and Crown Majesta. All - the production of "Toyota". By the way, this car many organizations of this state use as a company limousines.


Speaking of Europe, the first country inwhich arrived "Toyota Crown" for export, is Finland. It was followed by the Netherlands, as well as Belgium. Then the party of cars was ordered and the United Kingdom. By the way, it had the status of one of the main markets for such cars. Until the early 1980s, the British sold this model. Also, the car was exported to Canada for a long time. It is interesting that in many markets this Toyota model was very expensive. So soon, when the Toyota Cressida came out, Crown stopped being so popular.

And an important export market was Australia. Produced even the "Toyota" with the use of parts made by experts of this country.

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A couple of words I would like to tell about the emblem,which decorates this model. Many cars are decorated with a crown on the hood and a traditional symbol from behind. Quite an original solution, according to manufacturers. The word "crown" can be seen in various forms in the names of other models produced by "Toyot". After all, this word inspired the company to start producing the first sedans. It's unaccustomed, because all the geniuses of automotive thinking were inspired by the idea of ​​making a breakthrough. And here - just a word. In general, one of the popular models in Japan - "Corolla" - in Latin means "small crown". And Camry is a phonetic transcription of such a Japanese word as kanmuri. It is translated, of course, as a "crown". And finally, Corona. But here there is no longer a translation required. In general, the Japanese approached the creation of the name of the models is not very original. Although, maybe this is the feature and meaning.

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About chronology

On some cars, "Toyota Crown" spare partsit is rather difficult to find. And all because it's a Japanese car, and it's been manufactured since 1957. Anyway, the spare parts for the very first cars are almost impossible to find.

In 1955, the production process was launched. In 1957, sales began already. In 1958, manufacturers decided to restyling, and in 1960 export to the United States ended. A year later, the engine was replaced (put 1.9-liter), and the car was designated as Toyopet Crown RS30. In 1962, the second generation of the model began to be manufactured. It was the S40 series. Externally, this novelty was similar to the American Ford Falcon. Some critics rightly believe that the design of the Japanese took it from this machine.

After the 60s, steel manufacturers began to improvetheir cars. 4-door coupe ceased to appear. Steel began to produce "Toyota Crown" -universal. The basic engine was replaced by a 6-cylinder inline, 2-liter. And then the third generation began.

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Third Generation

Since 1967, the release of the third generation"Toyota Crown." Feedback from previous models was very inspiring: people told their acquaintances and friends that this car is quite practical and in general satisfies their requirements for cars, so many wanted to buy it for themselves. Because there was also a third generation. It boasted a 4-speed "mechanics", as well as a brand-new 2.3-liter power unit.

In 1971, the production of the model was launched and with a 2.6-liter engine, which was also equipped with a distributed fuel injection.

In 1974, the release of a model such as CrownS80. It was a model that came out as a sedan, with 4 doors, a two-door and an ordinary hardtop, and a station wagon (you could choose a version with either three or two rows of seats).

1978 was something for the Japanese companyspecial. There was one more "Toyota Crown", the engine of which became diesel. It was a high-grade, 4-cylinder power unit with a volume of 2.2 liters. And in 1979 the company released a model with a turbocharged engine.

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Models of the 2000s

"Toyota Crown", the characteristics of whichmanufacturers tried to improve each time, in 1999, released a model such as S170. Naturally, it was a more modern car, unlike its predecessors, equipped with a sports suspension and a modified exterior.

And in 2003, the light came the generation of S180. It brought really visible changes to the series. Manufacturers decided to radically change, rework the concept, in order to expand the target audience towards young people. They began to install completely new, modern V-shaped power units, which replaced the in-line sixes of past generations. Of course, the power also increased directly. Significantly improved aerodynamic characteristics and appearance.

In 2008, the S200 series was released, which continued to develop the ideas embedded in the S180. Well, in 2012, we launched the 14th generation of the model, which is by far the last.

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"Crown of Her Majesty"

As it was already possible to guess, this "original"The name belongs to another model produced by Toyota. "Toyota Crown Majesta" is her real name. Complete the car with 4,3 and 4,6-liter power units. This model became the most popular among Toyota cars. And indeed, after all, her design was adopted from the "Lexus", so she looked attractive.

"Toyota Crown Majest" debuted for a long time, in1991. Then, when the light came out the 140th series of bodies Crown. But they did not build the car on the platform of this model. The model did not have a frame, which many liked. The machine was distinguished by a strong load-bearing body. And the rest of the new nothing appeared. Because all the developments have already been embodied in the machines of the 140 series. So "Majesty" was at that time an ordinary marketing move. But the more respectable appearance made its own - the model began to be bought.

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About equipping

"Majesty" is able to meet the requirementsmany motorists and receives many enthusiastic reviews. Only here are not adherents of expensive and powerful models produced, let us say, by such companies as Mercedes, Audi, Porsche or BMW. Although, I must say, "Toyota" released the "Majesta" in 2014 with improved performance. And again with the design of the "Lexus" (and the platform, strictly speaking, too).

The machine can boast of pneumaticsuspension, the height of which is adjustable, anti-skid system, turn lighting, automatic light control and many other functions. The machine is also equipped with automatic light control and a diagnostic status line in the electronic speedometer. There is also a speed projection on the windshield and separate climate control for passengers sitting behind. Built-in refrigerator for drinks, TV, ionizer, CD-changer, color high-quality liquid crystal screen with a touchscreen. Vibration of the side mirrors (equipped with a heating system), electric steering wheel adjustment, seat belts - this is all and much more has this car. According to feedback, this model turned out really good and multifunctional. In any case, the salon of the Japanese equipped with everything that only can be needed. Perhaps, it was due to this that the model became so popular and bought.

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