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Refilling the air conditioner is important, its diagnosis is necessary

Warm days - we are waiting for them with impatience, because summer- Time for rest. But when the sun begins to burn - all, like one, looking for coolness. And for air conditioners there comes a time of intensive work, because only this equipment can create a comfortable climate. This technique becomes a real salvation at home, at work, and in the car. Unfortunately, after a long winter "rest" you can find that the cooling intensity is low. In this case, most likely, you need to refuel the air conditioner.

Refueling of conditioner

By the way, the causes of faults aretechnology can be a lot. And to understand this only by a specialist. Initially, household and industrial air conditioners installed in homes, shops and other facilities, as a rule, are filled with freon necessary for air cooling. Refueling and full refueling of the air conditioner may be necessary in the following cases:

refueling of car air conditioners
- extension of the freon pipeline;

- leakage of refrigerant as a result of poor-quality installation;

- loss of freon through the places of poor-quality rolling of pipes of the cooling circuit;

- repair or reinstall the air conditioner and freon.

Keep in mind that even in cases wherea correctly assembled cooling unit has worked regularly for several years, and the grateful human environment treated him with special trepidation and frugality, refueling of the air conditioner can still be needed. After all, a leak of refrigerant (freon) inevitably occurs in each air conditioner, with a loss of 6-8% per year is usually considered the norm. That is why, if there is a desire to rejoice in the excellent work of the air conditioner and enjoy cool air, it is necessary to diagnose and replenish the system with the necessary amount of freon once every two years. It is very important. The lack of refrigerant can lead to overheating and burning of the heart of the air conditioner - the compressor. Timely filling the air conditioner in conjunction with competent technical maintenance will extend its service life and improve the operation of the equipment as a whole.

If you have any questions about the cooling systemair in the car's interior should be diagnosed auto-conditioner. It includes a visual inspection, a leak test by an electronic leak detector, ultraviolet diagnostics. At the same time, professional equipment is used, and special gauges are taken into account. Otherwise, refueling the air conditioners of a car that has not been checked for leaks can lead to a waste of time and money - freon will fly away, and you will remain with the same problem.

In a good service center or SRT requiredcheck the deterioration and condition of the hoses, eliminate possible excesses that interfere with the normal circulation of freon, pay attention to the oil stains and the cleanliness of the radiator.

Refueling of car air conditioners

The air conditioning system is a quirky ladyrequires special treatment. Full pumping of freon, its recovery, including cleaning from oil and moisture, subsequent evacuation of the system, checking for leaks, refueling with a new compressor oil, filling with freon - such a complex of procedures will certainly be evaluated by the cooling system, and it will respond to you with the coveted pressure of cool air.

For comfortable driving it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions, and timely refueling of car air conditioners is one of them.

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