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Review of tires Dunlop Grandtrek ICE 02

As many drivers know, the quality of automobiletires affect the smooth running. It also plays a significant role, ensuring safety when driving. All tires must adhere well to the road, ensure stability. They are also required to tolerate temperature extremes and to be as stable as possible to different weather conditions. Especially relevant this issue will be for those who use the car on domestic roads. Manufacturer Dunlop is considered reliable, it has long been strengthened in the Russian market. Country-creator - Great Britain. At the moment, tires are being created not only here, but also in other countries where factories are built and production is set up.

Let's talk about one of the popular modelstires, we'll tell you what she deserves good reviews and whether she has flaws. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the type of tires, so that it is suitable for a particular car.

dunlop grandtrek ice 02

Reviews of the model and fakes

Tires Dunlop Grandtrek ICE 02, photos of whichare available in the article, get excellent reviews. They are produced in Germany, Japan and America. All these variations please their customers, which can not be said about fakes. Unfortunately, they are quite common. They produce copies of such countries as Taiwan and China, which is not surprising. Therefore, during the purchase many buyers recommend paying attention to the packaging. Reading other reviews on the Internet, you should not take into account all the comments about Chinese and Taiwanese versions. They have a large amount of marriage.

In order to distinguish a fake from the original, you need to look at the brand name on the tire and on the package. They will be different. Moreover, attention should be paid to the country of origin.

tires dunlop grandtrek ice 02

Description of the ruler

Model Dunlop Grandtrek ICE 02, the review of which wewe give, it is included in the eponymous line, so we should also talk about it. This model range is considered the advantage of the whole manufacturer. The peculiarity is in the design. Protector pattern is created by special technologies. Due to it, the tire will provide ideal handling on dry roads, wet serpentine, ground surfaces and those that are covered with ice and snow.

Triangular spikes, making the wheel perfectis adjacent to any surface, - what distinguishes the model Dunlop Grandtrek ICE 02. Also there are drainage grooves. They are needed in order to completely remove all moisture from under the wheels. Accordingly, the grip will be improved.

If we talk about the characteristics of the model, the wheels allow even at low temperatures to go perfectly and smoothly. The tires remain flexible. In addition, they reduce fuel consumption.

Produce the model Dunlop Grandtrek ICE 02, asalready understandable, in several countries. Accordingly, the quality directly depends on the manufacturer, however, however, the product still remains excellent and does not disappoint buyers.

dunlop grandtrek ice 02 review

Positive sides

Most reviews about tires are positive. What the buyers write about is already described above, here we give the positive side shortly.

Durability, traction, maximum controllability is something for which this model is loved.


What can be attributed to the shortcomings? Among them, high noise is considered for handling them, stiffness. Moreover, if you buy a fake, you can see a bad grip. In addition, you need to choose a special type of tire for your car. The quality and time of exploitation of claims are made only to those models that are created in the Republic of China.


Speaking about this model, it must be said that itis very popular, therefore, it is not worth worrying about. The main thing is to buy a model in a specialized (official) store. The company itself is famous for its high-quality products, created by innovative technologies. Due to high-quality tires, which we described in this article, many customers call production successful.

The main thing that everyone should know: all you need to buy in specialized stores. The tires are really quality, with them, even in bad weather, it will be easy to travel on long trips. All drivers write a lot of positive feedback, of course, if you do not take into account comments on fakes, - their really a huge amount. The company now occupies a significant share in the automotive market, which confirms its honesty and product quality.

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