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Which oil is suitable: synthetics or semisynthetic?

Car owners often wonder about theWhich oil is best to choose: semi-synthetic or synthetic? When choosing, it is necessary to take into account certain technical characteristics: age, technical condition, brand and mileage. Reflecting on what is necessary: ​​synthetic or semisynthetic, one should at least be a bit aware of their differences.

synthetics or semisynthetic

Synthetic motor oil for cars isa product of artificial origin, which is derived from natural gas or from deep oil refining. It does not change its properties even with prolonged use and is weakly influenced by external factors.

Semisynthetic oil is obtained as a result of the fusion of several bases in a certain proportion.

Mineral oil is a product of natural origin, which is obtained after distillation of oil and subsequent purification.

Differences between synthetic and semi-synthetic oil

What is stability relative tosynthetic motor oil and what does it matter to a normal motorist? The composition of the synthetic oil includes molecules whose performance characteristics are carefully studied.

which oil is better than synthetic or semisynthetic
This leads to a high chemical and thermalsustainability. Therefore, synthetic low temperatures and overheating are not so terrible as other oils. This ensures safe operation of the engine both in winter and in summer due to the maintenance of the optimum viscosity index with a high load on the engine and high revs. With this choice, it does not matter which composition of the oil: synthetics or semisynthetic.

Chemical resistance allows for a long time notchange properties even in the absence of interaction between the oil and the engine. Semisynthetics are characterized by high stability in contrast to mineral oil, which is much inferior in this. But under certain conditions it is worth choosing in favor of synthetics, leaving behind arguments about what is better: synthetic or semisynthetic. If the car has a significant mileage, then the engine is semi-synthetic, since it gives a high degree of ignorance. If

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the car is not operated at lowtemperatures, then in this case we can safely use semisynthetics. But it is worth noting that semisynthetic oil has to be changed more often than synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil for cars proves usefulunder severe weather conditions and high temperatures. In addition, his service life is longer. But do not pay attention to this characteristic, since synthetic oil is not suitable for all cars. Therefore, not everyone will think about which oil is better than synthetics or semisynthetic. For example, in most old machines semi-synthetic is used, which in the people is also called mixed. The main difference between such oils as synthetics or semisynthetic is the molecular composition of their bases. Synthetic has a high thermal and chemical resistance.

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