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About "Kia Rio" tip even mother-in-law will be positive!

President of "Kia" since 2012 - Peter Schreyer -is authoritative in the world of auto business. Prior to his appointment, he worked for six years as its chief designer. Generally speaking, he is "native" from "Audi", where he worked for 20 years. "KIA" in recent years - one of the most creative car companies, honing their original corporate style. The short name of the oldest South Korean auto company is translated as "From Asia to the whole world." And it does demonstrate a comprehensive marketing strategy for the car "Kia Rio" (Pride). The drivers' comments are mostly positive, because the Korean automotive industry takes into account their tastes: for each market, a modification is made within the same brand: for Asia - hatchback and sedan, for Europe - hatchback, for America - hatchback and sedan.

Kia Rio review

Automobiles "Rio" are positioned on the market asquality inexpensive family car. Specially planned for the domestic market, the third generation of South Korean cars QB has bodywork hatchback and sedan. It organically entered, taking up a niche already "worked out" by the two previous models "Kia Rio". Reviews of all three modifications are positive, on the market "with hands and feet" even buy cars 3-5 years of operation. The basis for creating an option for the CIS was the analogue created for the roads of China - "Kia K2". Production facilities of the Korean automaker, oriented to our market, are located in St. Petersburg. This company "Hyundai" one with "Kia" automotive group - "Hyundai Group". In the City on the Neva was created a platform for the production of a corporate sedan, and from August 15, 2011 he went to the series. And from 16.01.2012 the production of the hatchback "Kia Rio" was launched.

Kia Rio Pride reviews

The owners' feedback also reflects the effectivethe company supply of the hatchback and the sedan with spare parts, organized by a common production platform with Hyundai Solaris. Let's consider more in detail the latest model - a front-drive hatchback from KIA - Kia Rio. Reviews note the compactness, design, noise insulation. Car enthusiasts rated it as a sports compact city car. Buyers are offered the following complete sets: "Comfort", "Luxe", "Prestige" and "Premium". Externally, the car is very different from previous models. Its dimensions in length, width and height: 4120 mm, 1700 mm, 1470 mm. Compared with the previous generation "Kia Rio" wheelbase has grown, reaching a length of 2570 mm. It is also positive for our roads to increase the ground clearance - up to 160 mm.

The "iron heart" of the Korean is a ruler of twogasoline engines "Gamma": sixteen-valve 4-cylinder 1.4-liter engine with a power of 107 hp. and the same 1.6-liter power of 123 hp. The motor works in pairs with a gearbox of two types: a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. There is a common platform with "Huyndai Accent" - "Kia Rio". Feedback on high-speed qualities is also favorable: acceleration to 100 km / h hatchback gets for 10.3 s for "mechanics" and for 11.2 s - for "automatic".

Kia Rio owners reviews

There was a rethinking of the design. The body acquired the features of swiftness and aggressiveness. Elegant angle of the windshield, wedge-shaped bonnet, powerful air intake and advanced headlight optics of the headlamp unit with searchlight near and reflective rear light give the five-door car a powerful sport image. Internal changes are even more striking. "Kia Rio" got its own unique control panel. Of course, the driver's landing became more vertical. The central console contains climate control, radio option. The saloon has been rethought, the trunk size has reached 389 liters (for a sedan the same indicator - 500 liters). Urban transportation of family purchases - the element "Kia Rio". Reviews owners, however, note that for suburban operation it is desirable to increase the trunk.

The conclusion will be brief. Hatchback "Kia Rio" today is one of the best family cars in the world automobile market.

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