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"Liana-Suzuki": specifications, photos and reviews

Production of the car "Liana-Suzuki" lastedsix years. The first model was published in 2001, and the latter came off the assembly line in 2007. This model was popular not only at home, in Japan, but also in the US and Europe, where supplies were organized. Interestingly, for four years it was used even in the cult car transmission Top Gear. The heading was called "The Star in a Budget Car." However, this is not the only fact that is worth knowing about this machine.



It is interesting that initially the Liana-Suzuki model was produced in the hatchback body. But soon there was also a sedan.

In the image of this model successfully harmonizeThe spaciousness of the minivan and the compactness inherent in the cars of the golf class. The exterior was expressive and bright. The front part is decorated with a neat radiator grille and very large headlights. Also, attention is attracted by side and corner moldings, rear wipers, massive door handles, large tail lights and an original tailgate.

In general, the appearance turned aerodynamic. The car looks streamlined, and the body itself seems to "move out". And both behind and in front. This small feature strengthens the drag, which positively affects the fuel consumption and sound insulation.

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Inside the car, "Liana Suzuki" is prettyspacious. And besides it's very cozy. Although there is nothing superfluous in the design. The instrument panel, drawn with large arcs and finished with soft plastic, is designed in avant-garde style. Dark shield with indicators is equipped with a backlight of a pleasant orange shade. Originality adds a digital speedometer and a tachometer, which is designed as a graphic.

Ergonomics at altitude. Controls are at hand, all the levers are located where they belong. The button for heating the seats, for example, can be seen on the tunnel, next to the seats. The keys for controlling the light and wipers are located on the steering wheel paddles. And levers of adjustment of mirrors hardly more low and to the left of a steering wheel.

What else is there inside?

Special attention deserves comfortable seats. Both the driver and his passengers will not be comfortably deprived. There are plenty of seats inside, all the seats are equipped with lateral support. And the driver's seat is also adjustable in different directions. Like the steering column, by the way.

It is impossible not to mention the trunk. He has a large model of the "Liana Suzuki", it can load 480 liters of cargo. And if you fold the rear seat, then the volume of the trunk will almost double. By the way, in the cabin itself there are small containers for small things in the form of a box on the tunnel and pockets of the front doors.

Suzuki Liana engine


The most powerful engine "Suzuki-Liana" produced110 "horses" with a volume of 1.5 liters. This engine was injector and had a system of distributed fuel injection. Models with this engine under the hood could accelerate to a maximum of 170 km / h. And the "appetite" of the unit was quite moderate. At 100 "urban" kilometers, 10 liters of fuel, and along the highway - about 6 liters.

Not surprisingly, the most popularused such versions of the car "Suzuki-Liana". The station wagon, by the way, like the sedan, was offered not only with a 5-speed "mechanics", but also with a 4-speed "automatic".

It should also be noted that the front, as well as the rear, was equipped with an independent suspension "McPherson". And the disc and drum brakes, respectively.

I would like to mention that the potentialbuyers were offered versions and with other motors, which were only two. One - 1,3-liter 90-strong, and the other produced 106 "horses" with a volume of 1.6 liters. And the models with these units had a front-wheel drive. "Suzuki-Liana" with 110-strong unit was a model with four active wheels. That was another reason why this modification was most popular.

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The car "Suzuki-Liana", the photo of which is provided above, has one more undoubted advantage. And it is in modern, high-quality equipment and electronics.

All versions are equipped with a sturdy suspension,absorbing many road defects, light alloy wheels, powerful climate system, ABS, full-size spare wheel, audio preparation with 4 speakers, immobilizer, full electric package and heated seats. In all-wheel drive versions, even the exterior mirrors are heated. And all this in the basic configuration.

Another thing to know is that the Suzuki Liana models are not equipped with a standard timing belt. They are equipped with a self-tensioning noiseless chain.

I would also like to mention that there are so manycalled sports versions. Suzuki Liana Sport looks more dynamic and aggressive, and all thanks to a stylish aerodynamic body kit and cast discs.

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This is another important nuance, which should be noted with attention. And it is best to comment only on people who own a car "Suzuki-Liana".

The reviews are mostly positive. People say that this car is really designed for driving on city roads. It is very maneuverable, and due to compact dimensions, the restructuring into other ranks, overtaking, advancing and parking are carried out quickly and without problems.

Another car is predictable in management. It behaves briskly, the speed set is not sensitive, on the road it stands tight. When the arrow of a speedometer passes for "one hundred", the machine as if presses to a road cloth and only quickly rushes forward.

But, of course, there are no minuses. In this case, the negative moment is the low front bumper overhang, for the integrity of which is experienced by every driver driving in off-road. But many people solve this problem by installing high rubber.

Suzuki Liana drive

What else do the owners tell?

People who drive Suzuki Liana, notethe presence of a convenient multifunctional steering wheel, as well as a high landing, thanks to which landing and disembarking from the car are most comfortable. Motorists who have moved to this model from other cars, assure that the seats, similar to those that stand in it, simply do not exist. They are really comfortable, they can be configured the way you want. And no pain in the back will not arise even after several hours of continuous driving.

Still, the owners are positive about the work of the all-wheel drive, which in the city and in the yards really saves. The rear wheels are connected automatically, when the front wheels slip.

In contrast, there are disadvantages. They include low ground clearance, sluggish acceleration and a problematic oil change. Each time, carrying out this procedure, you have to remove protection, since drain holes are missing.

However, these are such shortcomings with which you can reconcile. In the rest the car is considered good and reliable. Not surprisingly, many still do not mind taking it.

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