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T-130 is not only a bulldozer

Most of today's heavy machinerywas produced at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. The tractor T-130 was not an exception, on the basis of which many different construction machines were assembled, such as cranes, bulldozers, graders and many others.

t 130

The release of this technology at the ChTZ began in 1969. It became an intermediate version, being a prototype of the later released T-170, as well as a "baby" T-100. All three models were produced in Chelyabinsk at different times, while the described was produced for 20 years, almost to the collapse of the Union.


The tractor received its own digital code not by chance. The basis of the car is a diesel engine, which was called the D-130, hence the name of the series went. Tractor T-130 on the basis of this engine was produced until 1981, when the D-160 came to replace the 130th. The next 10 years, slightly updated tractors were equipped with a 160-m motor. Then, with the advent of 170 diesel, they are removed from production, and their place on the conveyor is a tractor T-170.

t 130 bulldozer

Thanks to its crawler trolleys, the devicewhich we consider below, the tractor can work on construction sites, fields and other sites, including a complete off-road. A wide range of nozzles allows using it for various purposes, although one attachment is usually used - a wide dozer blade. This is the only device that the tractor clings to itself. The remaining variants of attachments are fixed to a pendulum-type pendulum type (possibly moving in the horizontal plane) located at the rear. Due to this dump in the reference literature it is often indicated that the T-130 is a bulldozer.


In addition to the main tractor, Chelyabinsk producedseveral side versions of this car, but only one official model - B, featuring wider caterpillars and another, more powerful engine, has become official. Liter in the title denoted the field of application.

tractor t 130

Such a machine was used in the development of peator wetlands. In addition to wide tracks, such a tractor had a slightly rearwardly arranged layout, so that the front nozzle could be higher than the conventional bucket of conventional T-130.

Crawler trolleys and assembly

The engine, together with the control cab, is fixed totrailer spars. On the balancing device under the spar, the trolley carriages connected to the sides of the tractor are connected. The cart includes the drive and tension wheels, at the bottom of the support and supporting rollers. The wheel that regulates the sagging of the track is controlled by a hydraulic mechanism, and a shut-off valve can also be used to loosen it. The caterpillars themselves are assembled from stamped links connected by fingers and bushings. For movement on ice, in deep snow or loose soils, they could be equipped with special shoes or spurs.

t 130 specifications

Cabin T-130 double (in the early versions of 3places), insulated, on double racks of closed type. On the ceiling there is a plafond for lighting, on the front window there is a windscreen wiper, both of which are powered by an electrical circuit with a voltage of 12 V. There is an electric fan. At the request of the customer and for work in the northern regions, it is possible to install a heater that is connected to the diesel radiator. The customer could also get air conditioning.


Given that the production of this modelterminated more than 20 years ago, the issue of repair will interest any owner of this equipment. Thanks to the great unification on the bulldozer, it was possible to install non-native parts. However, spare parts for the T-130 can still be found on sale, with both individual parts and complete sets assembled. For example, a crawler trolley or an entire cabin.

Technical specifications

As already mentioned, this modeltwo variants of the engine were installed. First D-130, from which the name went, then, after 1981, the D-160. Both versions were 4-stroke turbocharged. The difference in figures is the power indicators. In the first versions of 130 hp, in the subsequent - 160. In addition to the main diesel engine, the tractor had a gasoline engine and, like a normal car, an electrical network. The carburetor engine was a starter. At first it was started, and from it the main diesel engine was started. Movement on gasoline is not provided.

spare parts t 130

Now we move on to other parameterstractor-bulldozer T-130. The characteristics of the machine can be reduced to two words - simplicity and reliability. This can also include unpretentiousness. It is thanks to these three qualities that the bulldozer was used at all construction sites in the Soviet Union.

  • Brakes - belt.
  • The ground clearance is 388 mm.
  • Track (it should be noted that on a technique of this type this term characterizes the distance between the midpoints of the tracks) - 1888 mm.
  • 4 MKPP (with 8 forward steps, 4 backwards).
  • Weight of the construction - 14320 kg.
  • The length is 5190 mm.
  • The width is 2495 mm.
  • The height (on the roof of the cabin) is 3085 mm.

The maximum speed of the T-130, despite 8gear, is only 12 km / hour. Therefore, when transporting to long distances, a railway is used (a mandatory condition is the dismantling of a bucket of a bulldozer and other attachments) or a low-platform trailer. In the latter case, the tractor must be accompanied by traffic police.


Although more than 40 have passed since the first releaseyears, in many places in Russia is still used T-130. A bulldozer, a grader, a timber carrier and a baking powder - it is possible to list the possibilities of using this tractor for a very long time. Do not forget that the price for it is several times cheaper than a Western machine with the same set of functions. And ChTZ (manufacturer of the tractor) has in its composition a repair plant for servicing heavy tractors of its production.

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