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T-28 tractor: features and characteristics

T-28 is a small-displacement wheeled tractor,created on the basis of previous models. It was produced by Vladimir Plant in the period from 1958 to 1964. It can be used for caring for vegetable plants, for plowing soils in small garden areas, for working with mowers and so on.


When developing the T-28 tractor, the basis was takenmodel DT-24 and the most relevant for that time units. The tractor engine is fixed to the half-frame, firmly connected to the gearbox. The rear wheels have a large diameter, firm suspension and are leading. The front wheels are guides and have a small diameter.

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Tractor T-28 has an adjustable track and sothe same clearance of the guide wheels. For work between rows, it is possible to fit wheels of smaller width to the tractor instead of the rear ones. It is possible to increase the gauge during operation on steep sections by setting the driving wheels on the contrary.

On the tractor T-28 is D-28 - four-strokeThe engine, which has two cylinders and an air cooling system, and also manufactured in the same place, at the Vladimir plant. It has a capacity of 28 horsepower. Transmission at the tractor is mechanical. There is also a special starting engine PD8, which runs the main engine.


Based on this successful model, severalModifications that distinguish the front-wheel drive, increased service life of individual elements and power is already at 40-50 horsepower. Among the modifications of the unit, for example, is the three-wheeled tractor T-28X, which has a high ground clearance. This modification was produced at the Tashkent Tractor Plant specifically for the transportation of cotton.

In a later period, namely from 1970 to 1995year, was released a more improved version - T-28X. The issue was produced there, at the Tashkent Tractor Plant. The modifications were named Т28Х2 and Т-28Х4. The size of their engine remained the same, but it was increased power to the mentioned 40-50 horsepower.

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The modification of the T28A is distinguished by a front axle, whichis the leading, and fixed track of the front wheels. T-28P - a tractor for arable land, all of whose wheels are leading. Some modifications were equipped with D-37V engines and a special rear wheel loader.


The main advantage of the T-28 tractor in comparison withother aggregates of that time are compact dimensions. The weight of the machine is 2500 kg, the base length is 226 cm, the dimensions are 4 х 2 х 3 meters. The track is adjustable within the following limits - from 1.8 to 2.4 m. The tractor has increased patency in difficult areas due to the locking of the planetary device of the rear axle. The use of reducing gears allowed to remove a significant part of the loads from the machine, which resulted in a long service life of the transmission.

The front wheels of the tractor have a wide angleturn, which expanded the scope of its application. Transmission has been significantly upgraded over time, for example, a free-motion clutch, gear pairs, gearboxes and double gears have been added. Due to the increased rigidity of the car body, the safety of its use has been improved, the convenience of the workplace and the informative value of the instrument panel have been improved, and the steering has been improved.

Advantages and disadvantages

Characteristics of the T-28 tractor completelysatisfies those requirements, which usually make machines of this class. It, first of all, small weight, compactness and maneuverability. Possessing these properties, the machine is able to perform work where the use of powerful and cumbersome technology is difficult or impossible.

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Users give good feedback on the T-28 tractoron the following parameters: increased cross-country ability in difficult areas, low ground pressure, the possibility to repair yourself when you are at a great distance from the service center, open access to the main systems, unpretentiousness in service.

Disadvantages of the tractor: rigid suspension is not compensated, which excludes comfortable movement on a rough road, poor airtightness of the cabin and the absence of an engine heater.

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