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How to adapt the throttle? Full instruction

For the car to work properly and how canLonger did not appear on the SRT, except in cases of maintenance, you must carefully treat it. One of the important knots of the iron horse is the throttle (DZ). This mechanism plays an important role in the operation of a diesel or gasoline engine. And it does not matter, the carburetor is a power plant or an injector. DZ can be either a mechanical or an electronic drive. In the latter case, it sometimes becomes necessary to adapt the throttle. How to do it? Let's try to figure it out, at the same time we'll take a closer look at the views of this node. Also we will find out whether it is necessary to do this, and what can be otherwise.

Purpose throttle заслонки

Without such an aggregate as a throttle,does not cost any car in the world. The mechanism is a transverse channel regulator that changes the amount of flowing liquid or gas. That is, at its core the damper is an air valve. When it is closed, the pressure in the inlet system is equated to the vacuum, and when it is open, it is compared to the external atmospheric pressure.

How to adapt the throttle

Pressing the accelerator pedal adjusts the degreeopening the damper. Accordingly, it depends on this, how much air enters the cylinders of the engine. Almost every modern car is equipped with an injector motor, where all important duties are assumed by the electronic control unit (ECU).

As some car enthusiasts know, the optimalthe ratio of gasoline to air is 1: 14.7. Determining the throttle position and the amount of air with sensors, the ECU regulates the operation of the injectors and the fuel pump. This knowledge is useful to address the issue of how to adapt the throttle.

In other words, the computer gives a command, how much fuel it is necessary to submit to the engine in order to keep the optimal proportions.

Mechanical Throttle

At present, the damper with mechanicaldrive can only meet in the budget of the car. In such a mechanism, the damper is connected to the accelerator pedal by means of a metal cable, fixed to the shaft and placed in a housing on which the sensors are also located:

  • the idle speed regulator (РХХ);
  • throttle valve position (DPDZ).

It all looks like a separate block. To it still conduct various branch pipes, on one it is brought and removed a cooling liquid, and through others the crankcase is ventilated and steam of fuel are caught.

Do I need to adapt the throttle

Thanks to the PXX with the flap closedthe required number of crankshaft rotations is maintained. The regulator itself consists of a stepper motor and a special valve. Together they adjust the amount of air, and, independently, in what position is the throttle. Usually, there is no problem with how to adapt the throttle valve, in the case of a mechanical drive.

Electromagnetic Throttle

Electronic analogue in contrast to mechanicalThe unit can achieve the optimum torque value for any engine operating mode. The level of consumed fuel is reduced, and driving on such a car is comfortable and safe. The main distinguishing features (and in this case, the benefits) are the following:

  • idling is regulated by moving the throttle;
  • there is no mechanical connection between the pedal and the damper.

Do I need to adapt the throttle after cleaning?

Due to the fact that there is no mechanical connection, the torque can be controlled by electronics instead of the gas pedal. The damper module itself consists of the following elements:

  • housing;
  • the damper itself;
  • electric drive;
  • the return-spring mechanism;
  • position sensors.

Installation in the module is not one but two sensorsThe position of the flap will increase reliability. For this, magnetoresistive devices or potentiometers having sliding contacts can be used. Just because of the breakdown of these elements, it is necessary to decide how to adapt the throttle to many cars.

In the event of a malfunction of the electric drive, by means of a spring mechanism, the damper is brought to the emergency position. In this case, the module itself is to be replaced, which is only assembled.

Throttle clogging and cleaning frequency

From time to time the throttle is inevitableclogged, which manifests itself in different ways. In this connection, a reasonable question arises: how often should it be cleaned? It is not entirely possible to answer it unequivocally, as there are no recommendations on this matter. Some car owners call on car repair shops if they suspect a malfunctioning engine.

Someone thinks that the damper needs to be cleaned after every 400,000-50000 km of run. Others hold a different opinion and clean the damper more often, after 30,000-40000 km of run.

Usually black carbon on the flap indicateslow fuel quality. During the operation of a car with such gasoline, there is a risk of formation of oily deposits. After this, there should be no question whether the throttle should be adapted.

Typically, if the piston group experiencessome problems, then a characteristic feature is the coking of the flap with soot with oily impurities. Sometimes this indicates a clogged ventilation of crankcase gases.

Symptoms of blockage of the damper

When the throttle is clogged, the engine starts to run in an unstable mode. The typical signs of a malfunction in this case are:

  • increased idling speed;
  • belated reaction of the engine to depress the accelerator pedal;
  • during the movement of the car jerks are observed, and sometimes the vehicle independently, without the participation of the driver changes speed;
  • A sudden release of the gas pedal causes the power plant to stop.

In some cases, the instrument panelthe CHECK indicator lights up. Sometimes tarry deposits settle on the roller of the throttle, which leads to its seizing. Then the gas pedal is pressed with a noticeable effort.

How to adapt throttle to choke

Before proceeding to the solution of the problem, bothadapt the throttle valve to the "Skoda" or any other car, you need to make sure the accuracy of the diagnosis by visual inspection of the mechanism. To do this, you need to remove all that you can, in order to open access to the module. Care should be taken to avoid accidentally disconnecting the coolant pipes.

Cleaning DZ

If the cause of unstable engine operationis a dirty flap, it is worth moving on to cleaning it. To do this, you can turn to a reliable service station. Among a large number of workshops you can find one that specializes in specific brands (Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes and others). However, the owner can do all the work on his own, since he does not need much experience and skills in this matter.

At maintenance stations, the cost of the procedure may depend on a number of factors:

  • the complexity of the work - some cars require access to the DZ to dismantle many parts;
  • service level of the service station - as a rule, the larger the organization, the more expensive;
  • location - in large metropolises you can leave more money than in the periphery.

Clearing the DC is a simple procedure, after which you usually need to think about how to adapt the throttle to the Nissan or any other car.

Adapt Throttle Throttle

Any car owner can do thisprocedure yourself. It does not require special knowledge and skills. All you need to get to the dampers are tools and rags (preferably soft). Also, you can not do without a special tool - basically the carbcriner cleaner CARB Cleaner is used.

Self-cleaning procedure

If the damper with electronic drive, it is better to remove the negative terminal of the battery. Then everything can be done with a simple instruction:

  • To dismantle the air filter for what to untwist a collar of a branch pipe;
  • Disconnect all throttle module connectors and other nipples;
  • Push the air filter unit aside so as not to interfere, and start cleaning the damper;
  • Upon completion, assemble in the reverse order the damper module, checking whether everything is in its place;
  • After assembling, start the engine and check the idling speed.

In some cases, before startingadapt the throttle to the Toyota, Nissan, or Skoda, you need to remove the throttle itself, which allows a complete cleaning of the throttle. To do this, you need a 5 mm hexagon to unscrew the 4 fasteners. It is necessary to remove the throttle with great care, as there is a risk of damaging the gasket.

If after cleaning the DZ there are increased revolutions at idle, then you need to adapt the damper. About what it is, further in the topic of the article.

Necessity of adapting RS

This definition is an operation (ortraining), which is carried out in order that the ECU "knew" in which position the throttle is located relative to the degree of depression of the accelerator pedal. This procedure is simply necessary when the engine is not running at idle speed.

Audi adapt throttle

Most of the Toyota cars,"Lexus", "Mercedes", "Nissan", "Audi" adapt the throttle valve, as it allows to eliminate the malfunction. The procedure is performed in the following cases:

  • at a critical drop in the voltage of the on-board network (the battery was disconnected or fully discharged);
  • the computer was replaced;
  • cleaning of the damper with removal of the throttle;
  • when replacing the throttle module;
  • The accelerator pedal, as a rule, was replaced by an electronic one.

It is worth noting that because of the layer of mud changingclearance between the DZ and the body, and after cleaning the flap, its position has changed. But the ECU "does not know about this" and continues to manage the fuel supply according to the previous indications (before the purification operation). Adaptation completely eliminates this gap and restores the performance of the engine.

The easiest way to carry out the adaptation

Now the question is whether to adapt the throttleThe flap after cleaning is definitely not expected, if there were still doubts. The simplest operation is to simply reset the battery terminal. Only to begin with it is good to warm up the engine to operating temperature, for which to make a small trip. Then, muffling the motor, disconnect the battery negative terminal and wait. Depending on the brand of the car waiting time can be 10-30 seconds or 15-20 minutes.

How to adapt throttle to Volkswagen

During this interval, all the parameters of the computer must return to their original (factory) settings. Then it remains to connect the terminal and start the engine - the speed should be normalized.

Adapting for some cars

Another way, which we consider in the exampleone well-known German brand, also involves adaptation without a computer. Here, warm up the engine to approximately 70-99 ° C. The battery voltage must be at least 12.9 volts when the engine is not running. The procedure for how to adapt the throttle to the Volkswagen will be roughly as follows:

  • After warming up and muffling the motor, you should wait a short space (5-10 seconds).
  • With the gas pedal released, turn on the ignition and wait 3 seconds.
  • After 3 seconds, you need to press the accelerator pedal 5 times to the stop and release it back. Act quickly, because it is given only 5 seconds.
  • After the 5th exercise, wait a pause.
  • After 7 seconds, push the pedal all the way to the stop and keep it in this position until the "CHEK" indicator starts blinking (≈ 10 s.), Then it should be on (for about 20 seconds).
  • When the indicator remains lit, count to three and only then release the pedal.
  • Start the engine (if necessaryrepeat), wait for about 20 seconds, then gently rinse (2000-3500). If the tachometer on the XX shows 700 revolutions (+ - 50), then the adaptation is successful.

In this case, it is necessary to strictly adhere totime intervals of each step of the setting. This is the only way for the ECU to run smoothly. But before that, it is worth studying the features of adaptation and the possibility of a manual procedure for your car. Perhaps, only specialists of the SRT can help.

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