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Hyundai HD-120: a brief overview of the machine

To date, South Korean automotivemanufacturers are among the leading in the world. Their cars are very popular and love consumers. In addition, it is worth noting that models of European production are much more expensive than their Asian counterparts, and they are more difficult to operate and maintain. In this article, we will consider the Hyundai HD-120 - a commercial purpose vehicle.

hendai hd 120

General description of the car

The machine was developed in conjunction with the Japanesecompany Mitsubishi. In this regard, the entire design of the car is thought through to the smallest detail. All of its components and parts are made on the principle of sufficiency. According to users, Hyundai HD-120 does not have any complicated electrical control or monitoring circuits. Also, the mechanisms differ in the simplicity of manufacturing and maintenance technology, they do not require the use of special lubricants and working fluids. The longevity of the car guarantees attractiveness for entrepreneurs working in the supply of various goods within a large city or between regions.

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Some features

"Hyundai" HD-120 is delivered to the territoryRussian Federation with bodywork platforms, which can have different lengths: standard, long (850 mm longer than standard) and extra-long (850 mm longer than the long version). The chassis of the truck makes it possible to use the platform as a van, dumper, truck, truck crane, truck tower. At the same time the indicator of the useful volume of the body can reach 30 cubic meters.

Hyundai HD-120 is optimally adapted forexploitation to the conditions of Russian roads and fuel quality. The machine is very easy to maintain. Very serious breakdowns occur extremely rarely. Russian mechanics have well mastered the features of restoring the machine's performance. Therefore, repair it is not expensive. In addition, there is an instruction for the user, which is translated into Russian. With its help, you can perform many works independently. The price of spare parts is acceptable. Their acquisition does not cause any difficulties.

The truck consumes 25 liters of fuel for each100 kilometers of the road being crossed. The balanced power of the engine makes it possible to drive with the required speed indicators even when the body is fully loaded. The frame of the machine is made of high-strength steel. And the entire structure is interfaced with traverses and bolted connections. Both bridges of the car are designed for overload, exceeding the set value by 2.5 times.

characteristics of hendai hd 120

Technical specifications

The characteristics of the Hyundai HD-120 with a wheelbase of 4.26 meters are as follows:

  • The length is 7.67 meters.
  • The width is 2.255 meters.
  • Drive - rear.
  • Clearance - 210 mm.
  • The car's own weight is 4.63 tons.
  • The maximum weight of a laden vehicle is 12.4 tons.
  • Load on the front axle is 3.05 tons.
  • The load on the rear axle is 8.5 tons.
  • The engine is D6GA Euro III.
  • The speed limit is 123 km / h.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 200 liters.

hendai hd 120

Driving area

Like many other Hyundai trucks, the HD-120has a well-thought-out driver's cabin, corresponding to all ergonomic standards and requirements. The armchair is equipped with an air suspension and is adjustable in a vertical plane. There is also a system for heating and cooling the air in the cabin space.

The steering has a hydraulic amplifier. To ensure the required level of safety in the car, the system includes ABS, belts and airbags, a mountain brake, and a device that cuts off the fuel supply in the event of an accident. The machine uses a dry single-plate clutch, which is switched off by means of a hydraulic system.

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